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CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERS specializes in scaling up processes from laboratory / bench-scale / pilot-scale to industrial / commercial production facilities.
CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERS is a Process Engineering Firm catering to the needs of Process and Chemical Industry in areas of design, development, detailed engineering and trouble-shooting.
Since its inception in 1988, CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERS have been assisting the process industry in small, medium and large scale to build up in-house expertise in process,equipment and project development, modernisation, scaling-up, project execution and trouble shooting.
Short term assignments, successfully carried out to trouble-shoot specific areas in existing plants have resulted in long term association with most of our Clients.

Ability to scale-up processes from laboratory or pilot scale to industrial / commercial level has been our basic strength. To ensure smooth implementation of such scale-up, we provide back-up services including R & D management, planning & designing of experiments, literature/document
survey, cost-benefit analysis and detailed engineering. This is pictorially depicted in the enclosed block diagram.

The first principle which Chemical Process Engineers follows for any process design is to establish a hypothetical mass balance and energy balance for the process. Hypothetical computation results in estimation of theoretically possible maximum production and minimum energy requirement for the process.

Mass balance and Energy balance thus established sets the bench mark for comparing results actually arrived in actual process, be it a pilot plant or pilot plant design and pilot plant scale up or a production plant.

Figures on maximum production established in mass balance and energy balance diagram is based on stoichiometry-based calculation.

Process engineering and detailed engineering activities carried out by us are adequately backed up by drawings on AUTOCAD 2-D and 3-D which helps in ensuring that equipments are manufactured in compliance with process design, with equipment layout and piping being carried out according to our design and site conditions. A few sample drawings prepared by us are
enclosed herewith for your perusal.

The undersigned is a Chemical Engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur (1976, B.Tech.- First Class) and has been in the field of Design, Development and Project execution for over thirty five years.

Mechanical Engineering activities including AUTOCAD work are looked after by Mr.Balaji and Mr.Ganesh while Chemical Engineers Mrs.Surekha & B.V.Darshan provide the process design support. Our Senior Mechanical Engineers Mr.Balaji & Mr.Ganesh interface with clients during
execution apart from shouldering responsibility of Project Management services that includes inspection, installation and commissioning.

Though we restrict our role to that of a Consultant, we share the responsibility of achieving targeted results through careful planning, that enables the management to take effective decision and achieve desired objectives.


Process Flow Diagram with Mass balance and Energy balance
Project sanction

CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERS started in 1988 by Amitava Banerji, a graduate Chemical Engineer from IIT Kharagpur in 1976. In-house engineering support is provided by a team of senior mechanical and chemical engineers.


CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERS is an Engineering Firm catering to the needs of Process and Chemical Industry in areas of process design, process development, detailed engineering and trouble-shooting.



    AMITAVA BANERJI has been in the field of design and development for the lastthirty years and has successfully implemented the practice and principles of Chemical and Process Engineering since 1988 when CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERS was conceptualised and set up by LATE NEELAM BANERJI a Chemical Engineer from BHU-IT and AMITAVA BANERJI. He is a first class graduate in Chemical Engineering from the IIT Kharagpur (1976 – B.Tech).


    BALAJI L.S, our Senior Mechanical Engineer takes care of most of the critical detailed engineering activities in our assignments. His quick grasp of `process’helps in coming up with practically implementable engineering solutions that are cost effective and result oriented.  BALAJI L.S has been with CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERS since 1998, a year after his graduation from SMVIT under Bangalore University.


    SUREKHAN BE -Chemical Engineering, has been working in areas of basic and detailed engineering of various projects which are assigned to us by our clients. SUREKHA has graduated from MVJ College of Engineering under Bangalore University in 2000 and worked with Shriram Institute Of Industrial Research, Bangalore  before joining us in 2010.


    DARSHAN B.V is a post graduate in Chemical Engineering and has been, since 2012, contributing to the organic and inorganic chemistry relateddesign and scale-up activities that CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERS deliver to their clients. DARSHAN B.V has his ME degree (2011) from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.