Ever felt the need to reduce your batch duration in chemical reactors?

High speed modular-reactors designed and developed by ChemiProcesscanhelp increase productivity in chemical plants by reducing batch-cycle time.



Design of high speed tubular reactor developed byChemiProcesscater to the following need-based features:

Introduces efficient gas-liquid / liquid-liquid / solid-liquid / gas-liquid-solid contacting

Eliminates necessity for high-speed agitators that can be difficult to maintain

Removes high exothermic heat with low DT  for heat sensitive products

Can be operated under high vacuum, ambient pressure and high pressures

Modular design with simple automation can handle large throughputs

Pilot Plant Multiphase Pressureised Reactor System for Pilot Plant design and Pilot Plant Scale up
Suggested approach:


Discuss your reaction with ChemiProcess

ChemiProcesswill check the preliminary feasibility of introducing high-speed modular reactor for your application

Should there be a potential, get a small pilot reactor designed and executed through trials.

Get the complete plant designed, detailed, and executed based on results of the pilot trials.