Entrust the Design of Your Mass Flow Hopper to Chemiprocess that can :

Prevent rat hole formation during outflow of powder from the mass flow hopper.

Prevent segregation during filling of powder in the hoppers

Eliminate arch-formation during outflow of powder from the hoppers

Ensure first in – first out behavior of the powder through continuous mass flow hopper

Eliminate bin activators, vibration pads and other external attachments to aid powder outflow from hoppers

Problems encountered during powder storage in hoppers:


Powder does not flow down easily due to bridging which results from formation of arches which requires constant attention and requires external attachments like Knockers, bin-activators, etc. that can affect structural integrity of the hopper.

All particles in the powder does not flow out at equalvelocities due to sluggish movement on the peripherydue to the phenomenon of funnel flow.

Design of mass flow hopper

For mass flow hopper that is continuously loaded with a powder mixture made up of particles having differing physical properties like specific gravity, size, etc. or a single constituent with a wide particle size distribution, larger and heavier particles have a tendency to roll down towards the outer periphery of the hopper and thus get segregated. Unless this phenomenon is prevented, the material discharged from the mass flow hopper has the possibility of having a different particle sizedistribution or composition. This phenomenon is more undesirable in case of continuous flow hoppers and requires attention while designing new hoppers.

ChemiProcesscan undertake the following responsibilities:


Get your powder tested for various flow properties in ring shear or Jenike flow tester

Characterize your powder to classify them underthe category of free flowing, easy flowing, cohesive, very cohesive, etc.

Interpret flow properties like powder flow function graph, angle of skin friction, angle of internal friction, critical arching diameter, critical rat hole diameter, bottom cone angle of hopper, pilot plant scale up etc. while building up the design of hoppers and silos.

Provide mass flow hopper geometry to enable smooth flow of powder with minimum segregation